Calteknet: Activities

Kenneth Wyrick Bio

Some of our fun projects in the California sun include:
  •  Art, Education, and Technology Statewide Mobile Facility:  A distance learning proposal currently in the grant writing stage.  Help needed NOW!   Contact  --- Kenneth Wyrick
  • Black History Month Art Exhibit and Reception: Cabrillo Pavilion Arts Center,  1118 E. Cabrillo Blvd., Santa Barbara, CA  Thursday, 2/4/99, from 5 - 9 pm.  Free reception with:  refreshments; slide show; video interviews, ABC-CLIO demonstration of biographical CD's on Social Leaders and Cultural Leaders; vocal selections by Diane White and Juan Turner, both of Santa Barbara;  book signings; crafts; video presentation; fine art; original photos; vintage photographs; posters; book jackets;  ethnic mural montage; oil paintings;  guest speakers, local poet Sojourner Kincaid Rolle, 91-year-old journalist Thomas Fleming from San Francisco, and curator  Cecil Fergerson from Los Angeles;  Jim Kennedy, a local member of the Tuskegee Airmen; etc.,  This Exhibit was co-curated by Cecil Fergerson and Kenneth Wyrick and  was on display 2/1/99 - 2/28/99.   Volunteer grant writers needed in preparation for Black History Month Art Exhibit 2000.   Contact --- Kenneth Wyrick
  • CEC - Commons Educational Consortium - The newly formed Commons Educational Consortium (CEC) is the individual & organizational educational component of calteknet being co-created now in Feb, Mar, & Apr 1999. 
    Contact ---George Lange
  • Computer Recycling: We accept used computer equipment and, in turn, donate it to individuals, schools, and other non-profit organizations.  Sponsored by the Lazarus Foundation; Credit can be given for up to 60 hours of community service which is required for high school graduation for participating students. Contact  ---  Kenneth Wyrick
  • Computer Training: Santa Barbara Boys & Girls Club, Santa Barbara, CAContact --- Frank Miller
  • CTC/Net Regional Support Center:  One main objective is to spearhead a regional CTC/Net Support Center for the Southern California CTC/Nets.  Contact --- Kenneth Wyrick
  • Endowment for Youth Journalism Mentoring Program:  Participating youth meet Thursday's, 7-9 pm, at Kinkos (Hope Avenue), Santa Barbara, CA. and are mentored in producing a quarterly tabloid newspaper as well as taught how to design, author, and publish their documents with Netscape/HTML on the Internet's World Wide Web.  Credit can be given for up to 60 hours of community service which is required for high school graduation. Co-sponsored by the Hutton Foundation, Santa Barbara News Press, Kinkos, and EYC.  Community mentors in the areas of multi media, e-commerce, import-export, home-based business, distance learning, communication, photography, videography, and/or any other technology-related discipline are welcome to come and speak to this group.  Youth and speakers welcome. Contact --- Denise Daniels
  • Heart Link Monitor:   Bio-feedback method of determining when the great oscillator, your heart, is most harmonious putting you at your optimum which will provide you with more clarity, power, and good overall mental health and well being.  "To be" at your optimum, take an active role in your mental health and well-being.  Don't take it for granted! Contact  Kenneth Wyrick for demonstration --- 
  • Net Day 1999:  Infrastructure wiring of schools in California.  Four net days are tentatively scheduled for 1999, namely Northern Ca, Central Coast, Southern CA, and statewide in concert with California CTC/Nets.  Contact --- Kenneth Wyrick
  • Ventura County Discovery Center Research & Technology Exhibits Committee:  VCDC will be a regional, hands-on science center that engages children, teens, and adults in educational and entertaining exhibits, activities and programs.  Construction to be completed in the year 2002 adjacent to the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza.  The exhibits committee is selecting exhibits that will engage a broad spectrum of visitors, relevance to this region, and their innate appeal and depth.  Center currently operating as a "Museum without Walls" offering the Science Theater Series, Family Science Nights, as well as additional programs.  "What's Inside?" will be the Center's general theme, i.e., What's Inside Ventura County revealing the geology, resources, people and industries as well as Air, Wind, Flight and Space highlighting the dynamics of air and wind, flight,  and aerospace technology.   Contact --- 
  • WBE.Net:  Promoting the World Business Exchange "Import/Export" Program for at risk students and home based businesses.  This program is currently in it's second year at Locke High School in the L.A. Unified School District.  Contact ---
    YouthNet: Training and recycling of computers for at-risk youth 13-25 years old.  We utilize a multi-purpose curriculum that helps youth to reconnect with their own core values through experiential learning activities and personal assessment which promote self-worth and self-esteem.  Credit can be given for up to 60 hours of community service which is required for high school graduation.  Web site contains chatroom & links to other sites of interest to youth. Contact ---