Key people

Ken Komoski, a former teacher, UNESCO consultant, and founder of EPIE Institute, started the LINCT Coalition in 1994. 

LINCT, aided by major foundations via EPIE, helps low-income families to bridge the learning, earning, and digital divides. See a related Newsday article  and test scores from LINCT's successful program for welfare mothers on Long Island--a prototype for other successful activitiesful in Harlen and Watts and elsewhere. 

Ken earlier was an associate professor in the Teachers College, Columbia University, where EPIE was located for more than a decade. A jazz singer-song writer, he has performed and recorded with well-known musicians in New York and on Long Islland, where he lives with his wife and his dog Soz, a Leonberger.

Dr. W. Curtiss Priest, an expert in community networking, especially for K-12 applications, directs the Center for Information, Technology and Society, a key LINCT partner, and is affiliated with the MIT Media Comparative Studies Program

Among other activities, both Ken Komoski and Curt Priest have studied the issues of how children spend their hours away from the classroom; see Ken's Education Week article. Via eLearning space, Ken and Curt are working to make these hours more productive.

Dr. Edgar Cahn, JD, Ph.D., founder, acting CEO and board chairman of another important LINCT partner, TimeBanks USA, formerly the Time Dollar Institute, is a noted social change innovator.Time Banking volunteers trade their Time Dollars to “buy” help for themselves, send help to family members, friends, or church and community programs, or  acquire needed products or services, free or at a discount. 

Today, Time Banking is at work in social services programs around the world, strengthening a tutoring program in Chicago Public Schools, asthma management for members of a Virginia HMO, and affordable housing for Baltimore’s Hope VI Project, hurricane relief in Florida, and the National Health Service in Great Britain.


Epie Institute Trustees and LINCT Coalition Overseers

Chairman and President: Ken Komoski -- Founder, EPIE Institute, Co-Founder LINCT Coalitition, educator, former professor Teachers College, Columbia University, UNESCO consulant for educational technology 

Treasurer:  Maryann Marrapodi -- Executive Vice President, Teachscape, Inc. (comprehensive K-12 teacher professional development), former Director of the New York Mayor's Office of Early Childhood Services 

Member: Dr. David Alexander - Education Consultant, former Executive Director, Cisco Learning Institure, School and Leader Cisco Global Education 

Member: Dr. Richard Gilkey - Director, Instructional Technology, Portland Oregon Schools, (Ret'd), and Past President of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology

Member: Malcolm Robinson III - President, Sportswear Group Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation

Also see our list of LINCT partners


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