Dropout: 'First thing I ever finished' 







Rose Levesque, a shy welfare recipient shown in our  video, got poor grades in school. She dropped out . Then the Suffolk County Labor Department suggested 12 weeks of computer training with LINCT. Read LINCT success stories to learn what happened next.

Bridging the educational and digital divides

Watch a video in Windows Media to see LINCT in action. Then check out test scores documenting results. We're built on three key precepts:

  • Learn and earn. Successful trainees earn the computers they use to develop literacy in English and technology.
  • Time dollars. LINCT trainees can earn Time Dollars to exchange for other services or goods such as computers and printers.
  • eLearningSpace. We're using the Web to improve home and school learning in a cost-effective way.


How do we change lives? Learn the who, what, where and, yes, the why of Learning and Information Networking for Communities via Technology (LINCT).

Sponsors and partners

LINCT boosts job-related skills, not just academic ones alone. Sponsors and partners have been crucial to such efforts. Donate to LINCT via the EPIE Institute, a 501(c)(3).

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